Next steps

Our next steps, besides current monitoring and support, will be to journey back down to Seattle to meet with Dr. E. Olive will get another full spine study and a flow study MRI done.

This is done to make sure Olive has not

1. Developed a syrinx now that her CFS flow has been altered

2. Developed hydrocephalus as a result of her CSF flow being altered

3. Had overgrowth of all the bone they took out. Bone when cut can grow back unpredictably, especially in children. Since it’s so close to the brain and spine any overgrowth could be catastrophic.

4. Gone back to restricted CSF flow.

Any of these results during our next meeting in March could result in immediate more invasive surgery for her.

I personally can not wait until we get clearance that we are free to live our lives and Olive is free to go to summer camp and do things kids need to do.

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